Obama, Ayers and Their “Association”

What’s Obama’s latest dodge? Oh yeah, he didn’t know Ayers did all those things. Oh wait, that was the last one. Now it’s “I thought he was rehabilitated”.

Well watch this [Not Safe for Work – language in one spot]:

You know, I have to wonder what the reaction would be if David Duke had wandered off after his KKK days to become a professor at LSU. And let’s say a young person who would later seek the presidency as a Republican had served on a boards with him. In fact, this person served as a chair of a board that Duke had helped form and written the bylaws for. And they’d also served with Duke on another foundation’s board, made speeches with the Duke, as well as appearing on panels with him. Additionally, this young person wrote a favorable book review for the New Orleans paper about a book Duke wrote. And finally, Duke helps launch this person’s initial congressional run from his living room. Do you suppose the left would treat it as much ado about nothing?

After all, as far as I know, David Duke is unrepentant about his previous activities as well. I know darn well people would be questioning this person’s association, judgment and character all the while calling him a racist. They darn sure wouldn’t let him get away with “oh, he’s a guy who lives in the neighborhood” or “I didn’t know he’d done all of that when I worked with him” (aka the “Reverend Wright” defense).

Now be honest – they wouldn’t would they?

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