Obama continues to lie about consequences of not raising debt ceiling

Obama continues to lie about consequences of not raising debt ceiling

President Obama may be able to fool low information voters that make up his base with scare tactics promising disaster if the debt ceiling is not raised.But, for the intelligent Americans who are aware that the United States takes in 2.3 obamatrillion dollars a year in revenue.

That’s more than enough to pay the $420 billion dollars in debt plus interest.That’s more than enough to cover principle and all other government obligations.

What can’t be done is borrow more money from the Bank of China to pay for new Obama spending.The only way we go into default if Obama BREAKS the law and doesn’t make out the check!: : 

Don’t fall for the lie folks!Remember, Obama is the same guy who promised millions of Americans that they can keep their doctor and their insurance premiums would go down.Credibility is not President Obama’s strong suit.

Obama voted against raising the debt ceiling when he was a senator.: :  But, now that he’s president his own words apply to him today.

Originally published at The Last Tradition

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