Obama Helps in American Disconnect Via Holiday Plans

A recent USA Today article discussed how there is a great disconnect between American families and military families on the holiday which should result in immense thankfulness to our nation’s soldiers.:  As it summarizes the issue with Paul Rieckhoff of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America stating “The average American family…goes to a barbecue (and) the average military family goes to a cemetery,” our current President’s recent actions did not help this issue.

: : : : : : : : : : :  Instead of standing by a time and leadership honored tradition, President Obama retorted with the same ignorance he shows the nation during regular days and decided to do what he wants instead of what is required of him. During the holiday weekend, he returned to his home state for Memorial Day leaving Vice President Joe Biden to take on the objective of changing the wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.:  Through this action he has inadvertently spit in the face of every American fighter.: 

: : : : : : : : : : :  There are very few objectives we have left to commemorate what our nation’s combatants do for us over the lifetime of our nation.:  In fact, the USA Today article continues to state this holiday has become an unofficial start to the summer season instead of a day for reflection, thanks and humility.:  The President changing the wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is a common sense practice of our nation as well as an American institution. In a time not only of war but of such challenges as today, a reflection of the men and women who continually serve this country in our time of need is something that is needed to not only keep the humanity of this country but also to assure every citizen here and overseas that we are America first and always.: 

The actions of our current “leader” show the nation has a president who plays by his own rules.:  Despite this, the media reaction has within itself shown how much this President can do no wrong in their eyes. Discussing the Vice President doing the ceremony while a pool of reporters followed the President, they used the nasty weather as a block to show the real story: American honored practices of the Presidency mean as much to him as freedom means to terrorists.:  : : : : : : : : : : : 

There is no way any other President could have done this and gotten away without even a slap on the wrist.:  What if President Bush and Laura instead of spending their Memorial Day in Washington paying their respects to the fallen decided to take Air Force One to Texas for Jeb’s party?:  “Bush BBQ’s while Soldiers Sacrifice” sound like a pretty good title you would see?:  In fact, it seems that the media pats the current President on the back averting our attention by showing Biden doing the duty of our “leader”.

Placing aside the fact that this is a time where actions such as this are needed, he even as a President has no right to deface this factor of our nation. What does this say to our men and women who cannot go to their hometowns or will never see their hometowns again when our own President cannot even sacrifice a home barbeque to show respect to our soldiers.:  We must also realize the tomb carries soldiers whose families still don’t know they are home yet.:  Vice President Biden’s appearance shows the uncaring nature of this current leader and how much he sees this position as nothing more than a burdensome job which he can leave at any moment for trips, barbeques and family outings instead of a political calling that requires everything in him.: 

We are not just learning we don’t have a leader as a president. : : Taking trips without any legislative results and having celebrities in restricted areas, we knew from the beginning we weren’t being taken seriously by our own Commander in Chief. However, even the most Anti-Obama citizen must have been surprised when that uncaring nature bled into such a dedicated collection of people that is our soldiers; Shame on Obama.

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