Obama Regime Imposes Drunk Driver on Trucking Company

What happens when the most insane administration in American history (the Obama regime) implements the most insane piece of legislation (the Americans With Disabilities Act)? This:

Citing a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Obama administration is suing a trucking company for taking the keys away from an Arkansas driver and eventually firing him [for job abandonment] after he admitted he was battling alcohol abuse.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a lawsuit this week arguing that Old Dominion Freight Line discriminated against Charles Grams by stripping him of his position and offering him a demotion…

To discriminate means to fail to give a person of privileged status what they want. Charles Grams didn’t need to be black, homosexual, or Muslim to earn this precious status. He got it by being a drunk who drives. With the inmates running the asylum, this qualifies as a disability — the highest honor one can achieve under liberalism.

The EEOC says alcoholism is a recognized disability under the ADA and that the company violated the law with its policy that bans any driver who admits alcohol abuse from driving again.

The EEOC wants the company to reinstate Grams and another affected driver to their previous positions and provide them with back pay, compensatory and punitive damages and compensation for lost benefits.

Unfortunately, when Grams or some other drunk causes a 20-car pile up while driving an Old Dominion truck, it won’t be the federal government that gets sued out of existence.

It isn’t easy to run a business in a country governed by the likes of our do-gooder rulers. They don’t intend it to be.

The likely outcome.

On tips from Lyle and AC. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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