Obama Tries To Regulate Out of Recession

This sort of got lost in all of the excitement over Iowa last week, but lest we lose an opportunity to point out that our Commander in Chief couldn’t govern himself out of an economic crisis disguised as a wet paper bag, I wanted to make sure everyone knew. Not that everyone doesn’t already know. But you know what I mean. He’s ass-backwards and he’s not going to stop inflicting his self-styled insanity on us until every last American has a job, goddamit.

But he does have a jobs plan – oh, yes, he does. He’s got a jobs plan so effective it’s going to knock your socks off. And then it’s going to tax your socks. And then it’s going to regulate you for going places in your bare feet.

Despite a small glimmer of hope from last Friday’s unemployment rate drop to 9.1%, business leaders know nearly all other economic figures continue to point to an anemic recovery or worse, a double-dip recession…

With all of this going on, President Barack Obama is promising (yet another) renewed focus on job creation. But what is his administration doing?: Contrary to Obama’s promised regulatory reform from earlier this year, the administration continues to say one thing and do another.

Among the exiting new regulations? Job-killing cap and trade pushed through the back door, an EPA that is unleashed and doubly willing to gleefully kill corporate business under the guise of environmentalism (now we know Captain Planet’s true goals, don’t we?), a permitorium that destroyed oil and gas jobs in the south in the wake of the BP Gulf Oil Spill and a continued policy toward drilling that is slowly crippling the industry, a NAT GAS act that will benefit billionaires like T. Boone Pickens but pass the cost of “tax credits” to the natural gas industry onto the American taxpayers, and EPA attacks on the coal industry that threaten the very infrastructure of American energy. Top that off with exciting new regulations on for-profit colleges and hefty new burdens on corporations everywhere, and you’ve got a recipe for Obama Success. In which case I mean, failure. According to Sen. John Barasso’s office, which issued a report just last week, the administration just in the month of July alone purposed 229 rules and finalized 379, the combined cost of which is over $9.5 billion.

Call me crazy, but I don’t think that’s how to improve American industry. I mean, I don’t particularly know since I’ve never personally ruined an economy, but I’m starting to suspect that I’ve found a reliable path to victory on this particular front.

Now, I wouldn’t typically count on Republicans to push an opposite agenda, however, it appears that, in this case, they have their heads screwed on correctly. According to the Hill, they plan to head off the next 18 months worth of federal spending and regulation by proposing their own jobs bill which will, among other things, target federal regulations.

After focusing for months on the deficit, Republicans are preparing a ‘jobs’ pivot of their own in September by moving to roll back and limit new federal regulations.

Congressional Republicans and aides confirmed that regulations are going to be at the top of the GOP agenda next month as the party looks to counter the White House’s drive for jobs legislation addressing taxes and infrastructure.

It’s a start.

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