Obama, wrong on debt ceiling history

Obama, wrong on debt ceiling history

President Obama today in an impromptu press conference said the following:

“You have never seen in the history of the United States the debt ceiling or the threat obamaof not raising the debt being used to extort a president or a governing party and trying to force issues that have nothing to do with the budget and nothing to do with the debt.”

Newt Gingrich set the record straight a couple of days ago, yet Obama continues to tell the same lie.


As a historian and a former speaker of the House who negotiated successfully through two government shutdowns, a successful welfare reform bill, the first tax cut in 16 years and four balanced budgets, I am offended and a little frightened by President Barack Obama’s deliberate dishonesty about the debt ceiling.

This is just plain false, and he knows it. That he would say something so factually false in a prepared text is very worrisome.

First of all, issues such as Obamacare don’t have “nothing to do with the budget” and the idea that it is unusual for Congress to bring them into the debt ceiling debate is absurd. Far from having “nothing to do with the budget and nothing to do with the debt,” Obamacare is a major part of the budget, and it is now projected to cost twice what the president promised.

Obama never lets the facts get in the way of a good fat lie!

Originally published at The Last Tradition

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