Obama’s Increasingly Corrupt And Lawless Administration

Barack Obama doesn’t respect democracy, the rule of law, the American people, or the office he holds. He is unfit to be the President of the United States and that’s become clearer by the day.

Obama broke the law to cheat people — rightfully owed money by Chevrolet and GM — out of their cash so he could help his union allies instead. His administration funneled more than 1/2 a billion dollars to Solyndra, even though it knew the company was likely to go under to help out George Kaiser who was a major Obama bundler. There are more than 300 Mexicans and at least one American, maybe two dead because the Obama administration helped put guns in the hands of Mexican cartels. When Obama couldn’t get the Dream Act through Congress, not only did he decide not to enforce the law, he illegally decided to hand out work permits, something he doesn’t have the power to do. After the Supreme Court didn’t give him everything he wanted in his dispute with Arizona, he declared a de facto amnesty in that state to punish it by refusing to pick up illegal aliens captured by the police.

These are the actions of a wannabe Hugh Chavez, not the actions of a man who belongs in the White House. This is not a man who’s worthy of the presidency.

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