Obama’s Radical Muslim Outreach–In Private, Of course

Barack Obama’s surrogates have already begun their policy of “meeting without precondition”. If you fund terrorism or support terrorist groups morally, you will have a friend in the White House, should Barack Obama win the election. Gateway Pundit reports and has so much more. He says:

“Surely, it must have been an accident that these radicals were texted directions to the meeting.”

It’s time for Obama to be out and proud of his friendships and connections. Don’t disrespect the very people who helped coerce you into office every time. Embrace your supporters! They are working overtime to steal an election for you.

ACORN, Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers, Franklin Raines, and now, Mahdi Bray and Nihad Awad–no need to pretend to run them under the bus. Let them out of the bus and free them to express their full-throated support of your greatness. They have worked so hard to get you here. It’s shameful to mistreat them so.

And for those who are going to cry racism, which is just outrageously offensive, I submit that you read this. Americans deserve to know what people and what ideas shaped the candidates philosophy. Since Obama dismisses every question about all of these people as a distraction, voters are left with the impression it’s just something he’d rather not talk about.

If a person knows anything about these people and groups, it’s easy to see why Obama’s people are sending secret text messages and not trumpeting these meetings from the rooftops.

Cross-posted at MelissaClouthier.com

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