Quote Of The Day: The Danger Ahead

“The convergence of an economic crisis and complete Democratic control of Washington should alarm even those conservatives eager to wash their hands of the GOP. The best reason for even the most disaffected right-winger to root for a McCain victory is simple: To the extent that much of the progressive agenda is a program in search of a crisis to justify its implementation, an election that delivers a liberal candidate who’s adored by the media to White House, gives him huge majorities in both houses of Congress, and presents him with a worldwide state of emergency in which to govern, has the potential to be not just another loss for conservatives, but a once-in-a-generation defeat.” — Ross Douthat

When I called this the most dangerous time for America since WW2, I was dead serious. Barack Obama with a large Democrat majority in Congress, an adoring media, and a big crisis to work will be nearly as dangerous to this country’s future trying to “help” as Nazi Germany was trying to kill us. That’s no exaggeration. They literally may be able to do damage that our country will NEVER recover from…

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