Occupiers Cheer For Real Marxist

The Occupy Wall Street crowd already has the American Communist Party behind them (along with the American Nazi Party, due to their joint anti-Semitism), so, we shouldn’t be particularly shocked by this

(NY Post) Some 50 Occupy Wall Street proteyesterday –giving an enthusiasticgenuine communist.

Alex Callinicos, a professor of European Studies at Kings College in London, announced to his rapt audience, “I am a Marxist.’’

Asked if the upcoming revolution can be non-violent, he parroted the party line of the demonstrators, who call themselves the 99 percent of Americans lined up against the “1 percent’’ with power and money.

He said violence could be avoided only if the “1 percent accept the decisions of the 99 percent,’’ which he predicted would never happen.

He tip-toed around it, yet, he’s obviously saying that Occupy movement is going to have to get violent. Which would be the norm for the Left. Quite frankly, I’m surprised we’ve gone this long without a riot.

Nick Hommen, 29, a volunteer from Salem, Ore., who was handling donations, said some demonstrators were taking advantage of people’s generosity.

“We can’t afford to keep buying new tents. It’s ridiculous the sense of entitlement people feel,” Hommen said.


“We can’t continue to be a homeless shelter,” Hommen said.

There we go again, the self identified champions of the poor and downtrodden unwilling to share the fruits of their labor with the poor and downtrodden.

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