Oh, How They Try

The Democrats cannot stand that regular people are stepping up to fight them. What have they been trying to do? Pull the race card of course. When they have nothing else that’s what they do.

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver tried to say that the tea protestors yelled racial insults at him while he walked to the Capitol. Only problem? As John Hawkins pointed out, there’s video proof that didn’t happen.

So check out the video below (via RealClearPolitics) of Jesse Jackson baiting the protestors while his son videos with his cell phone. Oh, how they hope someone would call them the “n” word. But even with Jackson smiling smugly with that Democrat arrogance, no one did of course. But really, “jacka$$” would have hit the nail though.

Do you see how he is “amused” by the peasants? That’s how they see us.

Well, we aren’t peasants. We don’t care about color. We only care about this country. Smile now while you can Mr. Jackson. We’re coming to wipe that smile off your face and bring liberty back to the people.

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