Okay, I admit it: I had no real idea who Casey Anthony was until yesterday.

And look, I’m not some guy who just shuffles from job to sitcoms to bed to job every day. I’m constantly checking up on internet news sites and political blogs. But until yesterday, “Casey Anthony” was just a vaguely familiar name.

Oh, sure, I think I knew she was involved in a trial of some sort. In some capacity. I might have guessed it was a murder trial. But who got murdered? And was Anthony the defendant or the accuser? Or was it one of those “attractive young American woman disappears while vacationing in Jamaica” stories?

Sorry, no idea.

You know why I was so ignorant about this? Because I don’t watch TV news. Not even cable. That’s right: not even FOX. It’s a waste of my damn time, if’n you ask me, and I’m a guy who’s ready, willing, and very able to waste time. Just ask my wife.

Well, anyway, it’s done now, and it got all nice and done without me. As Pat Austin puts it:

I guess now we can get back to the real news.

If by “real news” you mean the NFL Lockout, my latest video game exploits, a little caligynephobia therapy

…and whatever Memeorandum and Yahoo are serving up today, then you’re right!

By the way, not that this is, y’know, important or anything, but: does anybody have any idea who the little girl’s father is?

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