Oopsie! I Did It Again! By Cassandra

What is the common thread in these stories?

— (A) Duke woman drinks all afternoon, then attends frat party where she inhales marijuana smoke from a vaporizer. She then files rape charges after waking the next morning with the feeling “something had happened”.

Police had no trouble tracking down the “perpetrator”. The accused rapist helpfully left his contact information on her computer after walking her home.

— Rich Gorman is currently serving 5 years for sexual battery::

For the past six months, I’ve been staring at a 30-pound box filled with court documents and what’s left of a young man’s life following one college night and a 5- to 15-second disputed sex act.

That is, 5 to 15 seconds into the act of sexual intercourse, she said, “Stop.”

He stopped immediately.

She claimed rape.

The “victim,” whom we’ll call Chastity, contradicted herself and changed her story several times … She was drinking and making out with Gorman earlier in the evening.

She also went willingly into his apartment on the night in question, and this is key. She initially told police that she was pulled struggling from the car and dragged into his apartment, where she was raped. When she was told that parking lot cameras might have captured her going into the apartment, she changed her story, admitted that she wasn’t forced, and that she walked voluntarily into the apartment.

My suspension of skepticism ends right there, but there’s much more, including a prior rape claim by the “victim” at another college a few years earlier. Same victim, same scenario, except that she recanted in that case, saying she wasn’t sure it was a rape because she was drunk. All the preceding was ruled inadmissible during Gorman’s trial thanks to rape shield laws.

— 21 year-old “victim” of exploitation is suing Best Buy, Anheuser-Busch, Playboy, and Deslin Hotels:

Monica, 16 at the time, went to Daytona Beach for spring break. She decided to go watch a wet t-shirt contest one night. The next night she decided to participate in a wet t-shirt contest. She admits that she lied to promoters about her age in order to participate. She even paid them $5 in order to participate in the wet t-shirt contest. She voluntarily got up on stage in bikini bottoms and a cut off tshirt and allowed men to pour water all over her body. She even admits that she made a conscious decision to allow men to rub against her and do whatever it took to win the contest. She performed for the cameras she saw in the audience. She even won $100 for her voluntary performance that required her to lie to join.

“Now she’s upset that those materials are being distributed as part of a Playboy video because she didn’t realize her voluntary participation in the filmed wet t-shirt contest that she both lied and paid to enter would end up on tv and be seen by her neighbor who would call and tell her parents.

“Poor little Monica later says, ’I think it makes me look like some kind of prostitute or porn movie star, almost like I am trying to show my body to the camera, which I was not.’ Considering she’s already confessed that a) she voluntarily participated after attending the night before, b) she paid to show off her nearly naked body to strangers for money, c) she lied to show off her nearly naked body to strangers for money and d) she was willing to do anything to win the money reserved for the girl who showed her nearly naked body on stage in front of strangers and cameras in the most exciting manner, I would like to believe she doesn’t actually have a case. However, stupid people who can’t take responsibility for their actions always seem to get something by abusing the court system.”

I’m just curious: if willingly becoming intoxicated constitutes an excuse, why can’t any of the men in these incidents claim that as a defense?

Oh. Because that excuse only works for thoroughly modern women who demand complete equality and freedom while reserving the right to claim victim status later on when they are confronted with the consequences of their actions.

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