Operation Black Storm

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Please support all of Kevin’s projects. He is amazing. Go here and look through his projects and click the “support TBS projects” button.

I love them all, but the “Forever Family” project is especially touching.

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Forever Family: We work to find inner city children their “forever families” as whole sibling units. Our team has helped over 90 children find their forever families, and start new lives. Our plan is to raise $100K over the next year for these children. For more information on this, contact Kevin.

You all know my passion for spreading truth, and reaching out to the black community. The black candidates running as Republicans this year are taking the arrows for the many black conservatives to come. They need our support.

It’s time for us to truly start caring about the inner city black communities. The liberal policies have left our inner cities in a state of decay and despair. The community in Chicago, Altgeld Gardens housing project and the neighborhood of Roseland, where Obama “organized” is rotting with drugs, crime, and an almost 20% unemployment rate.

We Republicans turned our backs on these communities as the Democrats promised them much for votes, but left these communities decimated. 30 years and more of liberal policies is enough. It’s time for us to step up to the plate. Let’s not do it for votes, as the Democrats did, let’s do it because it’s the right thing to do.

The morals and culture that follow liberalism have left so many making the wrong choices. Men in the inner city have abandoned their children. Drugs are devastating a people. Prison takes in more of our fellow black citizens than college. We can no longer stand by and allow this to happen.

If we can elect strong conservative black candidates to office that can make a difference, then we should put all our support behind them.

The innercity may be far from where you are right now. But it is still a part of us. It is still the place where our fellow Americans live. We can no longer pretend it’s not there. We can no longer ignore the suffering. This community needs us. It needs you. It needs strong conservative leadership.

Many liberal blacks have questioned why Obama has not done more for the black community. I think Obama and the Democrat’s liberal policies have done quite enough for the black community. I think they are out of ideas. The streets of the inner city are littered with their failed ideas. None of the “organizing” they did make a bit of difference.

Let’s see if we can make a difference.

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