Our Friends The French, Their Friend Saddam, And Some Roland Missiles

Assuming this story holds up, I wonder if it will have any impact on all of the Democrats who are dying to drop to their knees and beg France to forgive us for Bush’s “cowboy diplomacy”?

“Polish troops in Iraq have found four French-built advanced anti-aircraft missiles which were built this year, a Polish Defense Ministry spokesman told Reuters Friday.

France strongly denied having sold any such missiles to Iraq for nearly two decades, and said it was impossible that its newest missiles should turn up in Iraq.

“Polish troops discovered an ammunition depot on Sept. 29 near the region of Hilla and there were four French-made Roland-type missiles,” Defense Ministry spokesman Eugeniusz Mleczak said.

“It is not the first time Polish troops found ammunition in Iraq but to our surprise these missiles were produced in 2003.”

Of course, “our friends” the French denied it that they were selling missiles to a country we were about to go to war with in defiance of UN Resolutions. What else would they say right now? If this turns out to be true, and it very well may, how dumb would we have to be to let France get involved in the decision making process in Iraq via the UN? Someone should ask John Kerry, Howard Dean, & the rest of the Democratic contenders that question.

***Update #1***: There’s a reason why I used the phrases, “(a)ssuming this holds up” & “If this turns out to be true” in this post yesterday. That’s because I knew it was entirely possible we’d hear something like this today…

“After a protest from Chirac, Poland said Saturday it had been mistaken in reporting that its troops found new French-made anti-aircraft missiles in central Iraq.

Chirac swiftly denied selling Iraq weapons in violation of the U.N. weapons embargo against Saddam Hussein’s regime. The claims, he said, “are as false today as they were yesterday.”

An aide to the Polish prime minister said an initial report that the Roland missiles found by Polish troops days ago were produced in 2003 was incorrect. France said it stopped producing any type of Roland missile in 1993.

Prime Minister Leszek Miller met with Chirac twice to explain the mistake, said the aide, Tadeusz Iwinski. The two leaders were in Rome on Saturday for a European Union summit.”

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