Better To Vote McClintock & Lose Than Arnold & Win

During the California Recall Symposium I asked,

“I have to wonder how many Republicans who genuinely hate Clinton are going to pull the lever for someone who’s far worse morally?”

Judging by the fact that few people seem to be bothered by the latest accusations (here & here) — which are just the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae of scandal by the way — I’d say not many.

Hit & Run’s Nick Gillespie makes a similar point…

“Regardless of whether it helps him or hurts him come October 7, this latest development creates a golden opportunity for hypocrisy on the part of a) Republicans who attacked Bill Clinton as unfit for office due to such behavior and b) Democrats who supported Bill Clinton but think Arnold is unfit for office due to such behavior.”

Gillespie is right on target. Moreover, I suspect that if Bill Clinton were to join the Republican party & ran for the Senate or let’s say a governorship somewhere we wouldn’t win otherwise, you’d be AMAZED how fast some of the biggest Clinton haters out there would turn around. Yeah, he’d still be a sleazeball (and make no mistake about it, Arnold is a sleazeball), but he’d be OUR sleazeball.

Which leads me back California. I think Gray Davis is “Carteresque” in his level of incompetence. Furthermore, I don’t think ANYONE who supports MEChA is fit to be a member of government, even at the level of dogcatcher. So the idea of having someone like Bustamante whose very loyalty to the United States is in question become governor of California is absolutely repellent to me.

But if the price of winning is supporting a seedy RINO whose only qualification for office is that he might win and he’s willing to put an (R) beside his name, count me out. Were I from California, I’d waste my vote on McClintock rather than support Arnold. If that meant the Dems kept a lock on the governorship, my attitude would be, “so be it”. I’d rather see the GOP lose in California than have someone like Arnold represent us.

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