Even Hollywood Can’t Invent Businessmen This Ruthless

You think Americans are ruthless capitalists? Well, I don’t think we have any businesses that can top this

“MOSCOW (Reuters) – For a Russian electricity company, pets are not just for Christmas — they are for ransom.

Russia’s First Channel television reported Dalenergo, an electricity company in Russia’s Far Eastern city Vladivostok, is so frustrated by customers who owe around 300 million roubles (6 million pounds) that it has decided to confiscate their pets.

“Let the father answer his daughter’s question as to why her favourite cat has been taken away,” Dalenergo Director Nikolai Tkachyov told First Channel.

Dalenergo’s parent, Unified Energy System (UES), disowned the pet-snatching plan.”

Lol, is that merciless or what? Someone call Miramax, this script practically writes itself…

“Saving Fluffy”

Vin Diesel stars as ex-KGB agent Alan “AK” Aloyovich who has sworn to never again pick up a gun. But after he leaves the KGB, “AK” falls on hard times and can’t pay his electric bills. But things change when the goons from the electric company take away his dog Fluffy. Then “AK” turns from a mild-mannered dog lover into a AK-47 totin’ killing machine! Watch as he slaughters Dalenergo employees by the dozens, uncovers their secret “zombie Commie” project, and then battles Dalenergo Director Nikolai Tkachyov & his army of cybernetic Commie zombies to the death in a 26 minute long, 49 million dollar action sequence that ends with Tkachyov being impaled on a statue of Lenin.

What’s not to love about that movie?

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