Over 100 Congressmen are Cosponsoring Bill to Sue Obama

Political gamesmanship, or Congress-come-lately? As much as I’d like to think the GOP is finally putting its big boy pants on, I’m not overly optimistic:

In light of Obama’s habitual disregard for the Constitution, the movement to sue the president for his transgressions is gaining ground – fast.

It all started with a few representatives threatening a lawsuit. This eventually led to thirty: representatives co-sponsoring a resolution to sue the president… And then over seventy… And: it has since ballooned to over one hundred co-sponsors, mostly thanks to Obama promising even more executive action as time passes.

The Stop This Overreaching Presidency (STOP) Resolution is a response to Obama violating his oath to the Constitution – namely Article 2, Section 3 which outlines the president’s duty to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.”

While passage of the bill would make great headlines, the full post linked above shows the lawsuit may not do much, and the House may not have legal standing to sue. As importantly, there already exists a sure-fire method of preventing the President from continuing to abuse his powers: Congress’ constitutional power of the purse.

Is the STOP Act a serious effort by Members of the House to stop President Obama’s unconstitutional overreaches? I doubt it, especially since the House keeps ignoring its ability to stop unconstitutional spending.

It sure would be nice, though, to see Republicans finally show some intestinal fortitude and finally represent the people, not themselves.

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