Ozaukee County, Wisconsin, demands apology for Arizona

Back in May, the Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) board “directed the college to boycott Arizona because of that state’s new immigration control law.”

MATC board members are unelected, but have taxing authority over several southeastern Wisconsin counties including Ozaukee, where, at a Board of Supervisors meeting this morning:

Port Washington – A slim majority of Ozaukee County Board supervisors Wednesday approved sending an apology to Arizona residents for the Milwaukee Area Technical College’s economic boycott of that state in protest of an immigration control law.

Remember that phrase: slim majority.

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On a 16-5 vote…

razor thin…

..the board approved a resolution describing the MATC action as “intolerant and divisive” and asking the college’s board to reconsider its decision. There are 31 supervisors on the county board. In addition to the five no voters, seven supervisors walked out of the meeting before the vote

…why’d they do that? If they opposed the resolution, why not vote? And even if they had voted, that’s still 16-12. Hardly a presidential election in Florida.

Oh, right:

…and three others were absent.

Story by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. I wonder how they justify assuming that those three would have voted “no.”

Regardless, good for the Ozaukee County Board. More on the supervisor who introduced the resolution here. There’s a link to the resolution itself at that link, too. And, in another nearby Wisconsin county:

In June, Waukesha County Supervisor Peter Wolff proposed a resolution encouraging county departments to buy products from Arizona companies when possible to counter the MATC resolution and a similar boycott resolution being considered by the Milwaukee County Board.

That one’s still pending.

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