Pairing Teachers And Kids Up Based On Race? No Thanks

You know what I find incredibly ironic?

That at one point in this country, we had people out in the streets, marching, protesting, being spit on, cursed, arrested, and sometimes even beaten and killed because they thought it was vitally important that we here in America “judge each other not by the color of our skin but by the content of our character”.

Even disputes over the smallest things, like what water fountains people drank out of, where they sat in a bus, or what restroom they used, led to legal battles, social upheaval, and bitter feelings.

After all that strife and struggle, after all the progress we’ve made in this country, we now have liberals and universities who are working hard to try to convince people that they need to voluntarily resegregate.

We have race based dorms, clubs, graduation ceremonies, you name it, and now they’re even laying the groundwork for pairing up teachers and students of the same race

“A recent study by the National Collaborative Diversity in the Teaching Force found that the race or ethnicity of a professor was directly linked to the success of a student.

The study, released last November, shows that students of color often perform better academically, socially and personally when taught by professors of their same ethnic background.

There are extensive demographic studies being conducted by the NCDTF to examine the relationship between students’ academic achievement and teacher diversity. They have determined that by increasing the number of minority teachers and professors in classrooms, it will be directly linked to closing the achievement gap.

…The availability of minority teachers appears to be an important issue — not only on college campuses, but in the public school system as well. According to the NCDTF, approximately 17 percent of students in public schools are black, while only six percent of teachers are.”

You know what? Setting aside the fact that I would not be surprised if this group has an agenda and is cooking up these statistics, if there’s a kid who’s so hostile to teachers of another race that it actually interferes with their learning, I’d suggest the problem is with the kid, not the teacher.

For example, take Gabrielle here…

“Gabrielle Moss, a junior in business, agrees that having a professor of the same ethnic background can help students do better in class.

“When a student has a professor of the same race, they have someone they can relate to. When I have a black professor I see someone who looks just like me,” said Moss, who is African-American. “I also feel that you don’t have any discrimination racially and that makes the class environment a lot better.”

Oh boy, he’s a better professor because he’s the same color as you? Aren’t you shallow? You know what else, Gabrielle? Maybe, if you can’t even sit through a class taught by someone of a different race without thinking that they’re discriminating against you, maybe you’re just incredibly oversensitive and see racial discrimination where it doesn’t exist. Have you ever considered that, Gabby?

I’ve got a suggestion that will probably run counter to what the “National Collaborative Diversity in the Teaching Force” & Gabrielle would like to see happen.

How ’bout we treat race as a non-factor in the classroom and stop trying to drag this country backwards to segregation? Would that be OK with everybody…well, even if it’s not, that’s what we should be doing…

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