Post Of The Day From The Democratic Underground: The Great Car Conspiracy

You think you actually want your car? Nonsense! You’ve just been tricked into believing that driving a car is more convenient than riding the bus. Tricked by who you may ask? By corporate America fool! No, really!

Just read today’s post of the day from the DU and you’ll see what I mean…suckers!

JanMichael: “Y’all think we use CARS because we “wanted” them: WRONG! We were coerced! Local, State, Public Transportation was destroyed, intentionally, by GM & others. They used a front, a corporation that claimed to be promoting busses, but it was a massive scam to cover the tracks (Literally) of true public transpotation. It was MASSIVE but apparently our BOUGHT courts only fined the consprators a few thousand dollars.

The myth is that Americans just loved cars so much that we gave up public transportation. The Reality is that Amerika (The BANK/GM/The Plutocracy) said that we need cars, f*ck opinions, f*ck the People.


“By 1949, General Motors had been involved in the replacement of more than 100 electric transit systems with GM buses in 45 cities including New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, St. Louis, Oakland, Salt Lake City, and Los Angeles. In April of that year, a Chicago Federal jury convicted GM of having criminally conspired with Standard Oil of California, Firestone Tire and others to replace electric transportation with gas- or diesel-powered buses and to monopolize the sale of buses and related products to local transportation companies throughout the country. The court imposed a sanction of $5,000 on GM.”

In a matter of a day, in some places, workers were forced to stop the use of trams, ultimately forcing the purchase of cars. They had no choice. It was forced capitulation and a segragation of those with the means and those without.

Look, we all love cars because we we were robbed of the alternative, robbed, that’s it.

Every ad that shows some new gas guzzling monster, that costs 30k and up, is a spit in your face.


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