Pakistani Military Outraged over Cut-off of $800 Million in U.S. Aid [heh!]

General Abbas of Pakistan: To sum up, they want to do what they want to do and we pay them no matter what

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As expected, the Pakistani military is in hyper-whine about the New York Times report, confirmed by White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley, that the U.S. is cutting off the U.S. aid gravy train.

Not long ago, we reported on the Pakistani Army chief’s statement that the U.S. Pakistani relationship was “over,” he would not be cooperating with us, but that he wanted U.S. aid to continue. [read here] Here we reported on the many, many instances of Pakistani “duplicity” toward the U.S. in recent months.

So it’s about time we stop being the Pakistani’s toilet paper roll.

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“The [New York] Times, citing three U.S. senior officials, said the United States was suspending or canceling $800 million in aid and equipment — more than a third of the $2 billion it gives Pakistan for security assistance.

About $300 million in U.S. funding is to reimburse Pakistan for deploying more than 100,000 troops along the Afghan border to combat Taliban and other militant forces. Other funding covers training and military hardware, Times sources said.

U.S. officials told the newspaper the aid and equipment could be resumed if relations improve and Pakistan takes more action against militants.

Pakistan has shut down a U.S. program that had been training paramilitary forces, sending home more than 100 U.S. trainers in recent weeks, and has threatened to close the base the CIA has been using for drone plane attacks on militant targets.”

One of the lead Paki generals admits the U.S. personnel have been kicked out of Pakistan, but ……..we are not supposed to mind???

The Nation:

“This whole reporting through media, quoting unnamed officials, anonymous sources, is part of a design to undermine the authority and the power of the organisation in order to weaken the state,” ISPR DG Maj-Gen Athar Abbas said.

He declined to specify exactly who the unnamed officials were, although the New York Times specified they were American officials.

Abbas said there had been unease because of the bin Laden raid. “We have taken certain measures, which we consider, are in the best national interest.”

“We have also ordered a number of US military personnel to be reduced, to go back, because we consider these as non-essential personnel in certain areas, and they’ve been asked to leave,” he said.

The ISI and CIA, he said, which have worked together for decades, should ‘formalise’ their relationship. He said Pasha had “asked them that the relationship between the two intelligence agencies should be formalised. It should be documented. It should not be open-ended. It should not be left to the other side to interpret the way they want to.”

Abbas even suggested Sunday that we need to be sharing more information with Pakistan about our investigation of Al Qaeda leader Ayman Al- Zawahiri. [yah, we’ll do LUNCH.]

Here at we are doing a little “whoop ass” dance. This might be the ONLY Obama foreign policy decision we agree with…….[killing bin Laden, also good.]

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