Palin Brings In The Money…And The Hate

Many on the left cannot stand that Sarah Palin has strong opinions, and is expressing them across this country. It amazes me what they will do to stop free speech when they don’t agree with it.

You may have heard about Palin speaking at California University for a fundraiser for their 50 yrs anniversary. Palin going to California is like going into the lion’s den. The lions went after her, but they didn’t leave a mark. Attorney General Jerry Brown opened an investigation of the school. A state lawmaker pushed for a new law requiring that such contracts be made public. And the university faces a lawsuit by the watchdog group CalAware, claiming the public university employees had more involvement in the event than they claimed (gasp!). All this over Sarah Palin speaking at one University. It boggles the mind, doesn’t it?

The University officials though, couldn’t be happier. They raised over $200,000 thanks to Palin:

I am really very pleased,” university President Hamid Shirvani said Saturday. “It was an extraordinary event, unprecedented in the past five years I’ve been associated with the university, and according to many, unprecedented as long as they have been with the university.”

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Stanislaus County Supervisor Vito Chiesa, who attended the gala, said the university achieved its goal.

“I think they hit a home run for raising money,” he said. Officials estimated net income at $200,000. “I didn’t know what all the rancor was about before; she’s there for a school and she turned it into an educational speech.”

The rancor is about a conservative amazing woman who speaks the truth.

The more the left goes after her, the more popular she will become with conservatives and the rest of America. I don’t think they get that.

via Hotair

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