Patton Vs. The Evil Stone Devil Of Doom

I’ve always liked an assortment of weird statuary — gargoyles, foo dogs, and other bizarre looking creatures. Well, my dog Patton, really dislikes one of these freaky figures. He has growled at it before, doesn’t like to get near it etc. This is what happened when I sat in a doorway and tossed one of Patton’s balls into the room. Here’s the pic of him trying to figure out whether to go after the ball or not…

I think the reason that Patton doesn’t like it is because it’s fairly large, has a face, and he can’t figure out what it is. On the other hand, if I should die mysteriously inside of a locked room and the statue is in it, smash it, burn the chunks that are left, cover them in holy water, and bury them in consecrated ground just to be safe =D

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