‘People Were Coming Down Burning’

At MAinfo, “September 11th Was NOT About ‘Optics’ as Kos Kook Says“:

What a bunch of whiny, immature fools write over at the Daily Kos. They are upset because our memories of 9/11 get in the way of their progressive agenda. And by minimizing that happened that day, they hope to get beyond it. But they only succeed in exposing themselves for the foolish babies that they are. We learned lessons that day. We continue to grieve as a nation. And we will never, never forget.

I’ll take that further: The Kos Kreeps are genuinely evil. (The Firedog Freaks are just as bad.) People were coming down burning. The thuds of their bodies slamming down churn anguish in your soul. No, we won’t forget, and we won’t stop fighting moral degeneracy, at home and abroad.

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