Perception vs. Reality

You gotta love how political writers, who see themselves as completely unbiased as Politico writers do, miss the obvious. Taake Mark Penn’s observation on the devastating Obama poll numbers:

By far, the most alarming numbers this poll presents for President Barack Obama are the reelection figures; against a generic Republican candidate, he loses by 5 points, 37-42.

The most alarming numbers? Try the most wonderful numbers. If we can manage to not re-elect Pres. Obama, we may can save ourselves from this downward spiral.

And this is the heart of the issue — Obama is managing one legislative victory after another, yet his poll numbers keep sinking everywhere except with D.C. elites.

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That’s because his “legislative victories” have been victories for the D.C. elites, and NOT the American people. He slams through these bills or appointments with no consideration of how the American people feel about it. When it’s clear they are against the bills, Obama brushes it off implying they don’t know what’s best for them, or they really don’t understand the bill.

Speaking for the administration, Vice President Joe Biden had this to say to ABC News:

Asked by ABC’s “This Week” host Jake Tapper in an interview aired Sunday if the administration “is getting enough credit” for the Wall St. bill, the health care bill, and the economic Recovery Act in light of polls showing the majority of Americans believe the country is on the wrong track, Biden said: “The vast majority of the American people and a lot of people really involved don’t even know what’s inside the packages.”

“People don’t know a lot of what’s going on in The Recovery Act,” Biden said

Oh, we know sir. That’s why we are so upset. I don’t think the American people have ever been MORE informed on bills passing Congress.

Pointing to jobs growth in recent months, he added that when the “country is in trouble, all [people] want to know is… that we’re moving in the right direction.”

“But they don’t think that we are, ” Tapper replied.

“No. No, they don’t think now because I don’t think they know the detail of what’s going on,” said Biden,

We are just stupid. Dunces, really. Thank God we have Obama and Biden to show us the way, right? This is typical of the liberal way of thinking. They are the only ones smart enough to lead us. The American people are treated like teenagers who just don’t know what is best for us.

But let’s continue on with the Politico article:

Obama suffers from the perception that he lacks the strength and leadership to deal with our biggest problems — unemployment, deficits and the two wars. And many believe he has moved to the left, abandoning the center to embrace a return to Big Government.

Perception problem? I think that would be a reality problem. He has lacked the leadership to deal with our biggest problems. That is not a perception. That is the reality. Many believe that he has moved to the left and embraced Big Government?? The fact that the National Debt has increased over a trillion dollars since President Obama took office less than 2 years ago, and he approved a $787 billion stimulus plan, a $700 billion bank bailout program, and $829 billion health care overhaul, would kind of lead people to “believe” that he has embraced Big Government because he has.

Then there is this absurd observation:

Palin is the kind of highly polarizing figure that people accused Hillary Clinton of being — only Palin is truly polarizing.

Right. Hillary isn’t polarizing at all. She is just accused of being so. Give me a break. Hillary may have been playing nice since she lost the nomination to Obama, but don’t think we have forgotten who she really is.

What Penn writes as perception is actually reality. There is this perception that the people in the Tea Party just don’t like Obama. That’s not true. It’s about so much more than one President. It’s about the direction of our country. It’s about the overspending, which has happened with both Democrat and Republican Presidents.

When I was home this past week I talked to quite a few people who are really frightened at the direction our country is heading. And it can seem scary, but I told them that the amazing thing is that the American people have woken up. We aren’t just sitting on the sidelines anymore. People who have never been involved in the political process are becoming activists, and running for office. We are making sure that we elect those who believe in our Constitution and our liberties. We are going to elect those who see “we the people” as a part of our governance, not as ignorant masses needing to be led.

Republicans may benefit from this, and they may not. It depends on whether they have learned their lessons on not being Democrat lite. But there is a growing movement of the people that want what our country to be what it was intended to be; a much smaller government than we have now, one that protects our rights, keeps us safe, provide a strong national defense, keeps taxes low, business incentives high, and provides a safety net for those unable to care for themselves. No more big spending and ballooning deficits. And this goes for both parties. The Republicans overspent as well. Now we find ourselves facing an untenable situation. If we don’t reign in spending, we will face the consequences. And not in some far off future, but very soon.

And that’s not a perception either. It’s reality.

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