Perry For President?

From The Texas Tribune:

Gov.: Rick Perry, in New York for a speech that’s fueling speculation about a possible run for the White House, said Tuesday that voters seem hungry for more candidates to pick from in the presidential contest.

Let’s face it, Perry would heat up the grill of this primary. Most conservatives I know love Perry. There are those in Texas that have never forgiven him for his support of the Trans Texas Corridor or the: HPV vaccine: mandate. Do you really think we will have a perfect candidate? It just isn’t possible. We have to learn to forgive policy mistakes, and move on.

“It’s pretty interesting,” Perry said when asked about all the national political stories being written about him. “People would like to have some other options in the race, obviously.”

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Perry has sparked a frenzy of speculation since telling reporters at the state Capitol on May 27 that he was “thinking about” running for president. Perry has since told reporters – and he repeated it Tuesday – that he would keep his focus on the ongoing special session before putting any serious thought into it.

Perry has also been doing quite a bit of traveling outside the state lately, which has also fueled speculation of a run. Then there was the mass resignation of Newt’s staff, many who are former Perry supporters.

But the most compelling reason that Perry might be getting in is the fact he can show up Obama on job growth, low taxes, and executive experience that actually brings jobs and prosperity to Americans. Texas added four congressional seats this year. New York lost two. Illinois lost one. California added none. People are moving to Texas because we have jobs, low taxes, incentives for business, and the best people on earth to live around.

It’s those things that make Perry attractive. I think if he jumps in, he will excite the base as well. He is faith filled man with solid conservative values. But the main thing that will be a vote getter in the primaries is this:

Perry did give a tiny preview of what he’ll say tonight in New York, and it will come as no shock to Texans who have followed his stump speeches over the last 18 months. He will say that Texas is leading the way economically, citing figures from Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas President Richard Fisher, who said 38 percent of the jobs created since mid-2009 were in Texas. Perry will say that the figures are actually higher.

“They’re going to hear the success story of Texas and how that model can be replicated in their state,” Perry said.

It’s all about the jobs.

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