PETA Propaganda is Common In Fourth Grade Common Core Assignment…

PETA Propaganda is Common In Fourth Grade Common Core Assignment…

Yesterday, I was talking about Gov. Pence kicking Common Core out of Indiana. A facebook follower posted this on my page “Many countries have common education standards. It won’t hurt anything. Students will still learn, go to college, get a job and have a family. They will not become part of some UN Agenda trying to control our minds. If you doubt, go to a classroom at your nearest school. See what is being taught. Stop listening to conspiracy theorists.”:  Every day I talk to parents across the nation about what their children are bringing home from school. I myself have a son who has become frustrated this year in what is being taught in school. Today, I find yet ANOTHER example of the leftist indoctrination being put out by Common Core. From the EPA to PETA, every liberal organization is clamoring to get their “educational” doctrine materials on the Common Core docket.

Common Core endoctrinating your children

Reason #429,121 to dump Common Core.

SHRUB OAK, N.Y. (EAG News) — The mandated increase in “informational texts” called for in the Common Core national standards has opened up a word of possibilities for classroom activists who wish to present politically radical ideas to their students.

Fourth graders in New York’s Lakeland Central School District — and their parents — found that out when Jessica Fiorillo’s son brought home a reading that turned out to be taken directly from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ (PETA) website. Word for word.

This is not unusual for Common Core reading texts. While the idea is for students to learn how to comprehend what they read, the texts are frequently left-wing political statements that many believe are designed to influence their opinions.

The reading, which argues why classrooms shouldn’t have pets, was given to students as a lesson on “text structure.”

The reading is titled, “Should Animals Be Kept in the Classroom?”

“Many teachers bring animals into their classrooms with good intentions, like wanting to teach you and your classmates responsibility or teach you about the animals themselves. However, rabbit, mice, rats, guinea pigs, frogs, snakes, fish, and other animals used as teaching “tools” are too often abused and neglected,” it reads.

Doubtful my facebook follower, Jared, will read this article through but I assure you that he will pontificate on how much he knows about common core to defend his job. He is just another one of those school administrators who have watched the pretty videos put out by common core proponents. Though I have watched the CCC videos as well and have felt the emotional pleas in my heart of the “unfairness of education”, I do not buy into the emotional promises of what could be… I look at the ACTUAL curriculum being put out as seen below. Propagandizing our children is an abhorrent abuse of power in the educational system and as a parent I will not be bullied on my own facebook page to shut up and be told I’m a conspiratorialist. Bullocks to the zombie administrators who do what they can to save their job… I will do what I can to save our children!

Common Core PETA 2

Indiana: Gov. Mike Pence Signs Legislation to Ditch Common Core Standards

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