Philly Mayor Nutter Calls Martin Killing An “Assassination”

There are certainly many folks who bring unhelpful, inflammatory, and idiotic statements to any discussion of race, such as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Chris Matthews, Hollywood nitwits who never even graduated high school, Spike Lee, The Black Panthers, Keith Olbermann, but, really, who better to “act stupidly” than Mayor Michael Nutter?

With the one-month anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s death only a day away, Mayor Michael Nutter expressed strong views regarding the incident that has garnered national attention.

Nutter referred to the shooting of the 17-year-old teen as an “assassination” during an appearance Sunday on MSNBC:

I’ve called this nothing short of an assassination. There was no reason for that individual, Zimmerman, to do what he did. Trayvon was not doing anything and was not a threat, based on all the information and evidence and 911 tapes that have been released. It was incomprehensible to me why an individual would do something like this unless he had something else either in his heart or on his mind.

Hey, he’s all yours, Philly residents. Of course, to be fair, Nutter did call out Black Philly youths running riot, and was branded an Uncle Tom.

Meanwhile, Soros monkeys Think Progress brand any facts about Trayvon as a “smear campaign.” Just One Minute wonders about the geography of the case. Salon says the memory of Trayvon is being dishonored. And a former head of the NAACP says that Sharpton and Jackson are “exploiting Martin“.

Know what we really need? For everyone to take a deep breath, cool the rhetoric, and let the facts of the story come out.


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