Pics From The DC Anti-War Rally

Over at the Democratic Underground, someone named Paparush was encouraging the DUer’s to take a look at his pics from the DC rally. So, in an effort to be bipartisan and fair, I’ve decided to show you a few of the pics from Paparush’s page. Make sure to check them all out when you’re done:

Fringe nuts on the left love to rave about prison camps that they’re going to be put in by the right one day, but in truth, there are certain parts of the left, not the right, which seem to favor jailing people simply for disagreeing with them about political policy:

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Jail Condi on what charge? Being black and Republican?

What would an anti-war rally be without a sign comparing Bush to Hitler?

Having seen this display a little closer in another pic, I can tell you definitively that is Bush that they’re hanging in effigy.

Just as nutty as you’d expect from this crowd, eh?

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