Poll Results: Which Of The Following Candidates Would You Like To See As The Republican Party’s Presidential Nominee In 2012?

Here are the results from the Internet poll of RWN’s readers that ran yesterday,

18) Mike Huckabee: 0.5%
18) Jon Huntsman: 0.5%
16) John Thune: 1.3%
16) Ron Paul: 1.3%
14) Jeb Bush: 1.6%
14) Rudy Giuliani: 1.6%
13) Rick Santorum: 1.8%
12) Haley Barbour: 2.4%
11) Newt Gingrich: 2.6%
10) Rick Perry: 2.9%
9) Mitt Romney: 3.1%
7) Tim Pawlenty: 3.7%
7) Donald Trump: 3.7%
6) Michele Bachmann: 5%
5) Mitch Daniels: 5.5%
4) John Bolton: 6.5%
3) Herman Cain: 14.7%
2) Chris Christie: 17%
1) Sarah Palin: 24.3%

A few thoughts: (This is an Internet poll and as such, is inherently unscientific. So, read and enjoy, but don’t put too much stock in the numbers) I’m not surprised to see Palin in first or Christie in second place. They’re both very popular with conservative activists. I am, however, surprised to see Herman Cain in third place. Granted, he’s a very successful, charismatic businessman, but this may be the first early indication that he’s starting to get some traction with the base. Of course, it could also be an anomaly, too. It’s something to keep an eye on.

Mitt Romney’s middle of the pack finish, even behind !!!Donald Trump!!!, may be an indication that his “conservative alternative” personna from the last election isn’t selling with the base anymore. Yes, he will have money and the establishment likes him, but “Mr. Mittcare” doesn’t excite the Tea Partiers and activists.

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It’s also a little sad, but not entirely unexpected, to see Newt slip so far. His reputation with conservatives has suffered over the last few years even though I think he’s gotten a bad rap in some cases. Maybe he’s not the right candidate for President, but for my money, the three most important people to the conservative movement in the last 30 years have been Ronald Reagan, Rush Limbaugh, & Newt Gingrich.

Huckabee’s atrocious numbers are also an indication that despite the fact that he has a lot of charisma and polls well, he hasn’t managed to build any fiscally conservative cred with the Tea Party crowd. If Huckabee wants to be President, he needs to really get to work on making his case in that area.

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