Poll Results: Who’s Your Favorite Republican Congressman?

Here are the results of the, “Who’s your favorite Republican Congressman?” poll that ran on Right Wing News yesterday,

Duncan Hunter: 30%
Tom Tancredo: 20%
Other: 9%
Mike Pence: 7%
Peter King: 5%
John Boehner: 5%
Jeff Flake: 4%
Marsha Blackburn: 4%
John Shadegg: 3%
James Sensenbrenner: 3%
Roy Blunt: 2%
Jeb Hensarling: 2%
Jack Kingston: 2%
Adam Putnam: 1%
Thaddeus McCotter: 1%
Eric Cantor: 1%
Patrick McHenry: 1%
Chris Cannon: 0%
Tom Cole: 0%
Walter Jones: 0%

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