The Final Five Fred Thompson Questions From RWN

Here are the final five questions from RWN’s readers that I chose to send over to the Fred Thompson campaign.

“As someone with a genetic neurological disease, my healthcare is very important to me. I know many are advocating a single-payer/socialized system as the solution to our national healthcare problems or rising costs. I do not believe this to be a desirable solution.

If you are elected, what do you propose to do to reign in healthcare costs without compromising the standard of care found in our nation? Will you advocate serious tort reforms in order to lower premiums across the board?” — aharris

“Senator, in light of the conservative orthodoxy of small government, are there any programs that you feel are in need of increased federal assistance?” — ahobin

“If you had the power to unilaterally pass one law, what would it be? Follow up, if you had the power to unilaterally change one Supreme Court decision, what would it be?” — jleit83

“Senator Thompson, how would you address the anchor baby problem. Would you take that stand that the “and subject to the laws thereof” language of the 14th amendment has been misconstrued to grant citizenship to those not elgible as many have suggested? Do you feel federal legislation would be enough to address the issue, or would another Constitutional amendment be required? How would you address those who have already been classified as citizens if it is determined that the 14th amendment really does not grant citizenship to the offspring of those here illegally? Limited amnesty?” — Rorschach

“What are your thoughts on the Medicare Rx program passed by a Republican White House and Congress in ’03? If you had been in the Senate for that vote, would you have supported it?” — President_Friedman

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