Poll Results: Who’s Your Favorite Republican Senator?

Yesterday, I did a poll at RWN that asked: “Who’s Your Favorite Republican Senator?”

Here are the results,

Jim DeMint: 19%
Jeff Sessions: 17%
Tom Coburn: 14%
Other: 11%
John Cornyn: 9%
James Inhofe: 7%
Mitch McConnell: 7%
Elizabeth Dole: 3%
Sam Brownback: 3%
Jon Kyl: 2%
Norm Coleman: 2%
John McCain: 2%
John Thune: 2%
Arlen Specter: 1%
Bob Corker: 1%
Trent Lott: 1%
John Ensign: 1%
Chuck Hagel: 1%
Lamar Alexander: 0%
Mel Martinez: 0%

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