RWN’s 5 Questions For Fred Thompson (Updated — Changed My Mind, We’re Not Done Yet!)

Yesterday, RWN’s readers were given an opportunity to propose questions to be asked to Fred Thompson. This morning, I went through all of them and here are the five that I picked out to be forwarded over to Fred’s campaign,

“Senator, in light of the conservative orthodoxy of small government, are there any programs that you feel are in need of increased federal assistance?” — ahobin

“As someone with a genetic neurological disease, my healthcare is very important to me. I know many are advocating a single-payer/socialized system as the solution to our national healthcare problems or rising costs. I do not believe this to be a desirable solution.

If you are elected, what do you propose to do to reign in healthcare costs without compromising the standard of care found in our nation? Will you advocate serious tort reforms in order to lower premiums across the board?” — aharris

Update #1: On second thought, I am not totally satisfied with the first 5 questions, so, I am going to allow RWN’s readers to continue to suggest more questions throughout the day.

I will probably keep the 2 questions above, but there are two more slots left open for a great question….

Update #2: I decided to dump the wall question as well because the campaign is telling me that they have other questions about it already coming in and of course, there’s no point in their answering two questions about the same thing.

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