Post Of The Day From Indy Media

Post Of The Day From Indy Media: I have to admit that I was in the mood for a good conspiracy theory and one of people at Indy Media came up with a doozy…

“Did U.S. Military Shoot Down “Space Shuttle” with a LASER? (english)

Left side of Space Shuttle was “Melted”!

The U.S.Military has “admitted” to “Tracking” the Challenger Space Shuttle as it re-entered Earth’s atmosphere and then disintegrated! But did the U.S.Military “Shoot Down” the Space Shuttle with one of theirr High Powered “LASER” Weapons? Why would they do that? Maybe they were practicing and they mis-calculated? Or….who knows?????”

Unfortunately for this guy, Little Green Footballs is on the warpath because an anti-semitic kookfest / message board like Indy Media has been used as a news source for Google News and Charles Johnson linked this post. Because of that, this post got a much more acidic response than you’d normally see on Indy Media…


“Destroyed by USS Enterprise Photon Torpedos (english)
Fred JND 10:04am Thu May 15 ’03 comment#319419

As usual, you idiots can’t even get the name of the Shuttle right.”


MDP 10:40am Thu May 15 ’03

I am surprised that Indymedia readers are not keen enough to figure out that both shuttle disasters were brought down with simple mind control techniques.
After the Jews on each shuttle used telepathic methods to transfer all of the acquired information to the Zionist Conspiracy, they were then telepathically instructed to hit the brakes causing each shuttle to have a boo boo. Never mind that Challenger never got into space and that Columbia actually had communications with NASA during the mission. THIS IS WHAT REALLY HAPPENED!”


“It was the VRWC not the Military, bozo! (english)
VRWC Commander 12:12pm Thu May 15 ’03

It wasn’t the Military! It was that us in the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy! We hate Left wings!!!!! And it was the Columbia, Bozo, not the Challenger!

If this was a humor piece it sucked. If it was serious. it still sucked. You guys appear to have the IQ of the average turnip!”


Now if I could only find someone else as loopy as David Ickes to feature in the ACPOTI section next week I’d be overjoyed…

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