We Can’t Count On Canada In The War Against Terror

We Can’t Count On Canada In The War Against Terror: This is absolutely outrageous and it shows how useless Canada is in the “War on Terrorism”…

“A man who spied on the terrorist group Hezbollah for the Israeli secret intelligence agency Mossad has been branded a war criminal by Canadian authorities, who said his actions helped Israel commit “heinous” atrocities.

…Mr. X gave Mossad agents the names of 40 Hezbollah members. He also told Mossad about the centres used by Hezbollah, the places where they prayed and met, the cars they used and the print shops that produced their materials.

He was paid US$800 a month for his services between 1998 and 1999 but fled Lebanon in May, 2000, after the Israelis withdrew from South Lebanon. He filed a refugee claim in December, 2000, because his former superior had turned himself in to the Lebanese security services and identified the informants under his direction.

The IRB said the names Mr. X gave to Mossad were probably handed to the South Lebanon Army (SLA), the pro-Israeli militia that controlled South Lebanon, and that Hezbollah members would have been mistreated as a result.

…The adjudicator went further, suggesting Israeli counter-terrorism measures were on par with the tactics of terrorists. “Those who attempt to eradicate terrorism and fight terrorists must in no way conduct themselves as they do.”

Mr. X was excluded from refugee protection on the grounds he had committed crimes against peace, war crimes or crimes against humanity. The adjudicator also said he was not credible.”

Apparently, the Canadian government believes that simply gathering intel on Hezbollah (a group that has killed hundreds of Americans and fought against us in Iraq) & giving it to Israel makes you a war criminal. If that’s what the Canadian’s believe, then they must think the Bush administration is full of war criminals as well because I guarantee you that we share intelligence info about Hizbollah with the Israelis.

As far as I’m concerned, America has no friends that are not with us in the war on terrorism and Canada is not with us. They haven’t been serious about border security, they didn’t support us in Iraq, and now they’re surreptitiously showing their support for Hizbollah. I guess as long as the planes are flying into buildings in New York and Washington instead of Toronto and Montreal, they figure it’s not their problem. Well that’s fine, let Soviet Canuckistan take that attitude, but don’t expect any favors or special treatment from us. Favors are for friends, not for nations that can’t figure out which side they’re on in the war on terrorism.

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