Prepare To Be Shocked!: I

Prepare To Be Shocked!: I read one of the most SHOCKING stories of the year today and I still can’t get over it! Before we get into this story, I want those of you with weak hearts to skip this story while the rest of you should make SURE THAT YOU ARE SITTING DOWN because this story is such a super shocking, shockoriffic, shockfest of shockingness that you may simply curl up into fetal position if you’re not prepared…

“Israeli forces seized 10 bombs being prepared for attacks in Israeli cities as security agencies braced for a new wave of Palestinian suicide attacks.

The bombs were found in the West Bank city of Ramallah, in the headquarters of the Force 17 praetorian guard headed by Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat.”

It simply can’t be true! Yasser Arafat says he wants peace! He’s condemned terrorist attacks, we’ve all seen the announcements! Europe loves the man! The UN applauds like a rock star when he does speeches! He even won a Nobel Peace Prize! Besides, why would Arafat supply bombs to terrorists when he knows that wouldn’t be “helpful” to the “peace process?” Everyone knows Yasser Arafat loves peace and would never help terrorists blow up women and children! What kind of crazy world do we live in when a man like Yasser Arafat “secretly” supports terrorism? What’s next? Will Bill Clinton tell a lie? Will Jimmy Carter give lousy foreign policy advice? Will Noam Chomsky turn against America? I’ll never believe in anyone again…sniff…sniff…

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