U.S. Military Battles Environmentalists: While

U.S. Military Battles Environmentalists: While the military is fighting to protect Americans from terrorists who want to wipe us off of the face of the earth, they better not do anything that will “harm” the environment or the environmental whackos will come after them…

“Environmentalists are particularly angry with a proposal to exempt the U.S. military from several laws designed to protect the environment. And the top brass at the Pentagon are firing back, telling Congress those laws are compromising training areas and threatening military readiness.

…For example, because of endangered plants and animals along the 17 miles of coastline at Camp Pendleton, Calif., military activities are restricted to just a 500-foot stretch of beach. The Pentagon says it’s these kinds of rules that have to change if American forces can be properly trained for battle.”

Now why would the military need more than 500 ft. of beach out of 17 miles? It’s not as if they’re doing anything important, dangerous, or complicated that they need to train for right?

“Our budget request to the president includes over $4 billion for environmental programs,” said Undersecretary of Defense Paul Mayberry.

Among the changes are new tungsten slugs for the fabled M-16 rifle, replacing conventional lead bullets that can cause toxic lead accumulations in the soil and ground water at military rifle ranges. Environmentalists pushed for the move, while critics said the new material costs twice as much as lead and relies on raw material supplied by China.”

Who cares if a military rifle range is polluted with lead? It’s not as if the range doubles as a children’s playground or national park when the military isn’t using it. Plus, we may have to go to war with China someday over Taiwan and they’re going to be supplying the raw material we need for our BULLETS? That’s INSANE! It’s even nuttier that we’re doing all of this to please a bunch of Luddites who’d force every American to ride bikes to work and live in Unabomber style shacks if they were able to. I really wish Ralph Nader and the other greenies would just start a giant commune somewhere so they’d be too busy recycling paper and planting vegetable gardens to bother the rest of us with this silly stuff.

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