Pres. Obama Is No Different

Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano’s appearance on a Sunday talk show after the attempted terror attack, assuring the traveling public that the system had “worked,” will no doubt be one of the low points of this administration. And this is an administration full of low points in just it’s first year. It was a decidedly absurd thing to say. So why did she say it?

I believe that Napolitano wanted to put out there a certain perception that this was just blip, and that everything really was working well. With the Obama campaign it was all about perception, and little about reality. That works in a campaign, but not so much when one is actually governing.

Perception didn’t work this time. And the President staying in a vacation paradise, and golfing the next day didn’t help. And I don’t care if Bush did it (btw, how long will Pres. Bush be the standard by which Obama measures everything?), it looked unpresidential.

There was another attempt at perception when Pres. Obama called the pantybomber an “isolated extremist.” Why say such at thing when you know no such thing? Then of course, he had to admit a few days later that the bomber was indeed a part of an affiliate of Al Qaeda in Yemen.

In Pres. Obama’s weekly address after the attempted attack, he bizarrely refers to Iraq, saying he has “refocused the fight – bringing to a responsible end the war in Iraq, which had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks”. First and foremost, please do not try and take credit for Iraq, ok? If it had been up to you and your fellow Democrats, our military would be coming home having failed, lost the war, and Iraq would be a bloody mess with some other dictator at the helm. So please. Also, what is it with Democrats always repeating “Iraq had nothing to do with the 9-11 attacks” as if Republicans, Pres. Bush, or ANYONE ever said it did. I think we are back to that perception thing. Maybe if they say it often enough, people will believe that Bush said it at one time or another.

Then Robert Gibb’s deputy Bill Burton told the press that “we are winding down a war in Iraq that took our eye off the terrorists that attacked us.” Really? Because we sure stayed safe considering our “eye was off the terrorists.” It looks to me that you have had control of where that “eye” was for the last year, so I suggest you start taking responsibility for it.

Pres. Obama, like it or not, this is now your war on terrorism. Whining about Bush and the past has got to stop. It’s becoming a big joke. Stop it.

I think what people expected different of you was being more honest with the American people, not looking at the political advantage or disadvantage of how you “look.” You shouldn’t try to make the situation seem different than what it is. You should have admitted that the ball was dropped. You tell the American people that the bomber’s father contacted the American Embassy to warn us about his son. You tell them that intelligence did know about a possible attack by “the Nigerian.” You tell us the truth. You knew all this when you made your first statement on the matter, but instead you choose to go with a different perception that this bomber was not part of a larger plot, and hoped for the best. Then on your radio show you couldn’t stop yourself from trying to blame Bush somehow once again. People wanted a President that would be honest with us. You have just proven yourself to be no different than any other politician that has held this office.

For those that supported you, this has to be the saddest thing of all.

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