Pres. Obama Needs To Deal With The World As It is

Oh how times change. Remember when the Obama administration decided they weren’t going to use the term “terrorism” any more? From now on it was going to be “an overseas contingency operation?” As M. Zuhdi Jasser (president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy) at NRO points out,: “the President has finally learned to use the most obvious term—terror—this week.

This concerned Muslim tells the President, It is time that our commander-in-chief and the leader of the free world come to terms with the reality that this is the greatest conflict of the century and a battle of ideas between western liberal secular democracies and political Islam.”

It’s all nice and sweet to try and not use the term “terrorism,” and say lovely things like, “We will extend a hand if you’re willing to uncleanch your fist,” but there comes a time when the liberal gobbly gook needs to be put away, and real leadership emerges. There will be no “unclenching of fists.” That is not how radical Islam operates. To them there is only one good American “hand,” and that is a dead American hand. And nothing we do for them will change that.

The key, according to Zuhdi, is recognizing that this conflict is within the Muslim community as Muslims “struggle with the conflict between theocracy and democracy, sharia and liberty, Islamism and freedom, and salafism and modernity.”

One important thing we can do now, in my opinion, is support the uprising in Iran. These young people are Muslim, but they are fighting for their liberty. Everything that is wrong with Islam is defined by the President of Iran. He is radical, monstrous, and dictatorial. These young people don’t want to give up their religion, they only want freedom within their country to practice it as they see fit. They do not want to threaten Israel or the United States. They just want to live in freedom. President Obama should be 100% behind them. Bringing down Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and letting fair minded Muslims lead there would go a long way in helping as Muslims struggle with their own conflicts. The strong voice of the President of the United States is needed here. : This is one time when Obama’s pretty words could have a profound impact.

Obama needs to start seeing the world as it is, not as he dreams it should be.

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