President Obama’s SOTU

It was bitter and divisive, attacking not only Republicans and blaming Bush (please! enough already), but attacking the Supreme Court as well (I still can’t get over Justice Alito mouthing “That’s not true”).

But the idiot line of the night does not go to Obama. It goes to Chris Matthews of MSNBC who declared after the speech “”I forgot he was black tonight for an hour.”

For video of both incidents go here.

I suppose Matthews, with most liberals, are always keenly aware of Obama’s blackness. It surprises them when they realize they haven’t thought about that for a whole hour! I suppose considering Obama’s “light skin” and lack of a “negro dialect” that Harry Reid might well have forgotten he was black too.

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Good grief. I’m keep telling you people, it’s not the Republican party that judges people by the color of their skin, it’s the Democrats.

Anyway, let me hit on a few important things and I’ll end it on a positive note.

Obama said, “This war is ending.” But heaven forbid that he acknowledge how it’s ending…with success. If it had been up to the Democrats it would have ended with failure. Majority Leader Harry Reid declared it lost long ago. He was wrong thank God and our soldiers, but success in the Middle East is a big thing. A very big thing. It would have been nice for Obama to acknowlege it. It might have gone a long way in convincing some of us that he is not about being partisan, and more about being American.

The rest of the speech was completely self-absorbed, and self-congratulatory. He blamed nearly everyone and everything for the failure of his agenda, except for the substance of his policies. The remarks on lobbyists, transparency, and the economy were laughable (and were indeed laughed at).

But let me end on what I agreed with him on. His call for more nuclear power and more drilling was refreshing and really is the realistic answer to our energy problems. He talked of free trade as a tool of job creation and economic growth. It was wonderful to hear. The call for capital-gains tax cuts, and the proposal to freeze discretionary spending brought Republicans to their feet before the Democrats could react. These are excellent and common ground ideas and I’m grateful for the crumbs.

Finally, let’s address something about McDonnell’s response (which was excellent). It seems the leftwing blogosphere blogs are snickering with derision about the “diversity” of the people sitting behind Gov. McDonnell in his response to the SOTU. They imagine that McDonnell found different skin colors and genders to “look diverse.” But you see, just as in Matthews forgetting Obama was black, we don’t look at things that way.

All the people behind McDonnel were his Cabinet members.

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