Progressive blog Talking Points Memo viscously savages the candidacy of a black conservative running for Lt. Gov of Virginia

Progressive blog Talking Points Memo viscously savages the candidacy of a black conservative running for Lt. Gov of Virginia

If Adolph Hittpmler, Joseph Stalin, or Benito Mussolini were alive today, Liberals wouldn’t hate them as much as they hate black conservatives.It was no coincidence that Herm Cain was the first major 2012 presidential candidate vanquished from the race for the GOP nomination.He posed a greater danger to the Democrat Party than AlQaeda.

Conservative blacks represent an existential threat to progressive ideology that believes blacks need government intervention in order to survive in society.It’s nothing more than the systemic racism of low expatiations and the last thingDemocrats needs is for a black man telling his people they’ve been sold a bill of goods for over 50 years.: : ew jackosn

A black conservative by the name of E.W. Jackson is running for lieutenant governor of Virginia.Talking Points Memo describes Jackson as “GOP’s polarizing nominee for lieutenant governor.”

This is why Liberals and Talking Point Memo hate E.W. Jackson:

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A call for black Christians to leave the Democrat Party and rightly describing the Party as anti-Christian, anti-church, anti- Bible, anti-life, anti-family and anti-God is an invitation for Liberal organizations like Talking Point Memo to seek and destroy Jackson like a bug.

In Democrat groupthink, if one is born black, one is suppose to vote Democrat and no deviationsare acceptable lest one wants to be called a “sell out” or not “authentically black”.This is the template that is reinforced by Pop culture, celebrities like Oprah, Jay Z, Beyonce and the civil rights industrial complex heeded by Al Sharpton.: : : 

E.W. Jackson courageously challenged the Democrat infrastructure like a 21st century Nat Turner.So in response TPM wrote a story entitled: In Leaked Audio, Cuccinelli Affirms Support For E.W. Jackson” trying to kill two birds with one stone by using a black conservative as a figure of derision to marginalize the white guy running for Virginia governor.

It’s all standard procedure by The Left.But, it doesn’t make it any less disgusting!: : : 

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