Public Service Announcement — How To Beat The W32/Blaster-A Worm

The W32/Blaster-A Worm is wreaking havoc all across the net on anyone with a XP, NT, or Windows 2000 OS who doesn’t have their security patches. This one is really spreading fast.

People hit with this worm are constantly being knocked off the net & forced to reboot.

The fix for this worm is the following patch. Then you can clean the worm off your system with this.

If you’re on XP & are unable to download the patch before you’re knocked offline, go here and you can get instructions to keep the virus from knocking you offline. That’ll enable you to get the patch and removal tool.

***Update***: The LovSan worm (same thing) is spreading rapidly across Europe & Asia and according to the latest info in this article, “(n)early all versions of Windows are affected.”

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