My Top 20 Favorite Blogs

Here are my top twenty favorite blogs on the net right now — minus Scrappleface & IMAO which I decided to leave off because I use their material so often that it’s hard to be impartial where they’re concerned.

20) The Bleat
19) USS Clueless
18) Samizdata
17) Croooow Blog
16) Electric Venom
15) Inoperable Terran
14) DANEgerus Weblog
13) Sgt. Stryker
12) Zogby Blog
11) Daily Pundit
10) Andrew Sullivan
9) Damian Penny
8) Right-Thinking From The Left Coast
7) Tim Blair
6) Little Green Footballs
5) Betsy’s Page
4) Rachel Lucas
3) The Corner
2) A Small Victory
1) Instapundit

If you were left off, don’t sweat it since the list changes over time — well at least some. Just take a look at this old list from back in January and you’ll see what I mean.

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