The G-Man Mentions Right Wing News

I did not hear it myself, but according to Classical Values, G. Gordon Liddy read an entire post from RWN on the air…

“John Hawkins says he was “very disappointed” to hear Rush Limbaugh (of whom he is a fan) airily dismiss blogging. But had this leading blogger been listening to Rush’s competitor, the G. Gordon Liddy Show, he would have heard his very own blog (about bad reporting by the Washington Post) read on the air, and praised by G. Gordon Liddy.”

When I asked for more detail, Eric from Classical Values added this in the comments…

“He read your entire piece on the Washington Post (the one in my link, titled “Where’s The WAPO’s Accountability?”), and praised it highly — saying something like, “Here’s a blogger who’s nailed the Washington Post for inaccurate reporting.” Then he used it to praise blogging in general for keeping big media honest. Sorry I can’t be more verbatim-accurate; as I do not record the show, and am relying on memory.”

How sweet it is!

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