Publicity: Townhall Top 10, Medved, National Journal, And Patrick Ruffini

*** For the first time, one of my columns has made the top 10 most read articles for the week at Townhall. I finished in the 9 slot, just ahead of Michelle Malkin and just behind Walter Williams. That’s a big deal in my book because it’s the conservative big leagues. Almost all of the top conservative columnists write for them and to have a lil ole blogger like me crack the top 10 against that kind of competition is not too shabby.

*** RWN reader John Young wrote to tell me that Michael Medved mentioned me on his Friday show. Apparently, he was talking about the North American Union and he read some of my “There Isn’t Going to Be a North American Union” column from Human Events. Thanks, Michael!

*** There was a registered users only story in National Journal about the Googlebombs that were launched during the 2006 elections. The majority of the story focused on MyDD, the blog that led the Googlebomb charge on the left, but they also included this paragraph:

“A Googlebombing campaign led by John Hawkins of Right Wing News tried to reach some of these potential voters by countering the MyDD-led attack. Right Wing News encouraged conservative bloggers to Googlebomb 45 Democratic congressional candidates about the same time that the liberal effort began. Less than a week later, conservatives reported that 35 of the 45 negative articles it was promoting were popping up within the first three pages of Google searches.”

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*** Last but not least, Patrick Ruffini, who’s a high profile blog guru for Rudy Giuliani, had some kind words for me in a guest blogging (?) gig for Hugh Hewitt:

“At this point in the game, Duncan Hunter having John Hawkins and Michael Illions on his side is more important than his having a political director. Why? Because at this point, a great ground game will get him from 1 to 2 percent — draining resources he doesn’t have. A great media operation on the other hand can keep an unknown candidate constantly on Fox News, on blogs, and tossing out buzz-worthy red meat to audiences of 50 and 100 at a time. Great buzz is how one breaks into double digits. And that’s when the efficiency-based gains from a great ground game can do you good.”

Speaking of great buzz, check out this podcast interview that I set up for Duncan Hunter with Redstate.

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