Q&A Friday #16: What’s The Liberal Fascination With Code Words?

Question: “What’s the deal with liberals and their fascination with code words? How come they don’t actually focus on what is said but rather look for specific words? Is that why when Gore says he took the initiative to create the Internet, conservatives called Gore a liar but the libs actually decipher what he said differently?” — hwapper

Answer: There is a huge gulf between what liberals believe and reality. Code words are one of the ways they use to try to bridge the gap.

Put another way, if you believe conservatives are evil, fascist, racist, theocrats, there’s precious little objective reality to support your claim. You can listen to talk radio all day, read popular conservative blogs and magazines, and watch cable news shows for the next year and you’re not going to hear any prominent conservatives advocating fascism, saying they hate blacks, or that they think the US should be run as a theocracy. In fact, conservatives all publicly say they oppose those things.

So, one of the things liberals do to try to reconcile their wacko beliefs about conservatives with reality is claim that conservatives are using code words to speak to each other. So, no matter what conservatives say or do, liberals can always assert that we mean something entirely different because we’re supposedly using code words to talk to each other.

That’s what it’s all about.

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