Q&A Friday: Debating Loopy Liberal Friends

Question: “I was talking with one of my intellectual left-wing friends and he responded to my elaborate arguments on foreign policy with “CHIMPY McBUSHITLER NAZI JINGOIST FASCIST!”

How should I respond to these profound left-wing mainstays of political debate?” — Virtus

Answer: Ya know, my philosophy is that life’s too short to go round and round with idiots unless traffic or money is involved. So personally, I don’t waste time trying to talk politics with frothing at the mouth lefties. On the other hand, if you’re the sort of a masochist who enjoys crafting a coherent, rational, argument and getting a totally irrational response that’s only marginally related to what you said, have at it!

Put another way, you’re probably better off steering the conversation away from politics if your friend is just regurgitating loopy liberal talking points.

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