Q&A Friday #2: 5 Questions For W

Question: “If President Bush could answer for the entire government, and you had his complete attention, what 5 questions would you ask? One that I would like to see is “Why do we continue to support the UN?” — DeeKayT

Answer: I’m going to cheat a little bit and just treat this like it’s which 5 questions would I ask W. Here’s what came to mind off the top of my head…

— Are we willing to bomb Iran if that’s what it take to stop them from getting nukes?
— What’s the plan for wiping out Hizbollah?
— Can I read the last few CIA reports you’ve gotten on Iraq?
— How far along is the space based weapons program?
— Do you really think Osama is alive or are we just allowing people to believe he’s alive?

Of course, all of this is “secret squirrel” stuff and I’d never be able to tell you what W.’s answers were. But, at least I’d feel better if I heard answers I liked to those seldom asked questions.

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